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Virtual From My Home to Yours Testimonials

Great!   Considering this was my first time with Vanessa, I could not believe how much she knew about a situation.  None of this could ever be found on the internet.  I am extremely impressed and would recommend her a million times over if you like to speak to your loved ones or friends.  The virtual group is a must do!  Thank you so much Vanessa.        Bruce M., FL

You bring a sense of peace whether it is in-person during a large fundraising event, an in-home session or one on one via FaceTime/Skype.  This last Zoom session was no different.   Although I did not know the other participants in the session, I felt as though I was just as involved and included as I have been during group sessions in my home.  It was comforting to see the smiles and tears brought about by the messages from loved ones.  I would recommend this to everyone.     Silvanna B., NC

Thank you for inviting me to the pilot Zoom group reading!  I always enjoy being with you and the others in the group.  I thought it went well and the messages were loving and meaningful!  You did a great job and I feel the Zoom format worked for all of us.  It was truly a great experience!   Warmly, Lisa C., Greenwich, CT

Private Appointments and In-Person Group Testimonials

Vanessa, I just want to thank you for my reading the other day. As always, I left our session having new clarity about some daily life situations as well as having received some wonderful messages from my loved ones on the other side. Whether I meet ith you in person or do a reading over the phone, I am always amazed by your gift and the messages I receive. You are a delightful person with an amazing gift!



Thank you for sharing your gift with us today!


Thank you so much, you are the best one!  I truly appreciated over the  phone healing.  I have been feeling much better each day!

Love you,

Cathy P.   Guilford, CT


Dear Vanessa,

Our time with you this past Friday was enlightening and meant so very much to us.  Thank you for sharing your gift.


Wally and Susy


Vanessa, I just wanted to say thank you once again for my reading yesterday.  It makes me feel so good to know that my mom is always around me.  I will definitely be back in the future!  The next time around I will have a list of questions that I of course thought of after I left!  ..  you made me feel very comfortable.  Take care.


Hi Vanessa...

Wonderful to see you today.  Thank you so very much.  You are blessed with a beautiful gift and I am so grateful and thankful to know you.


Thank you so much for yesterday's reading at Lisa's house.  I called my mom in Italy this morning and shared the information with her.

When my mom and dad return from Italy, they want me to have you over to my place to read for them.

I must connect you with my father because the man with the headache you saw was his father who died when he was just a young boy.  My dad has suffered all his life without him.  He still cries for his father.  I now regret that I didn't ask him any questions, but he has been gone for so long that I was in shock he came through at all.  I would to hear from him again and connect him my my father.

It was such  wonderful experience!  I hope to see you again.

Thank you so much,


Hi Vanessa,

Just wanted to thank you again for conducting our evening.  Everyone walked away feeling very validated and reassured.  It was quite an experience.  Will see you again at some point.


Thank you for the reading last Saturday Vanessa!  I feel the best I've felt in many months.  I hope our paths cross again!



Thank you so much.  I would love to go for another reading one of these days.  You are a wonderful person and thank you so much.


Hi Vanessa,

It's Sam from last Tuesday's reading (you also read my mom).  Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you again.  After my reading with you, I felt better in a weird and good way also felt refreshed too.  On a side note, I made up with my friend, Jeff.  I ended up calling him and it's all water under the bridge now.  I'm glad that I made the call, because I was starting to miss him.  I told him that he was going to be called "Uncle Jeff" when I have kids.  He got a kick out of the one (laughing).  I'm happy to have my best friend back too!  Oh, and I found out that the cute guy's name across the hall from work -- which is James.

Once again..a big THANK YOU for your help and guidance!  I really did appreciate it!


Dear Vanessa,

Thank you so much for connecting me with mom and dad.  To know they are at peace, pain-free and enjoying the afterlife as they never had the resources to do in this life is an amazing comfort.  I have listened to the tape with my family and we all agree that you have a miraculous gift.

Fondest regards,


Dear Vanessa,

Thank you SO much for telling me about my guardian angels.  When I have been with your during sessions you have always started with input from my angels, and for some stupid reason, I have ignored them.  Yesterday I was in a dilemma..something I wasn't sure I should do...and I asked my angels for a sign.  I got a very clear sign (a phone call) and it helped me with my decision.

Thank you for opening up my eyes.

I will be paying more attention in the future (once I stop saying, "Thank you, Thank you") to my angels.



I posted this in your message box on Facebook as well.  THANK YOU for the other day!  I look forward to seeing you again!

I used to be a skeptic!  I have had the pleasure of meeting with Vanessa on several occasions including group sessions.  I always find her soothing, enlightening and comforting.  I saw her the other day for a reading and was floored by the connection I had with a dear lost friend.  Vanessa was describing her to a tee when all of a sudden, Vanessa starting laughing and said "OK Jen wants me to get up and show off my jeans and do a little dance in them".  Vanessa thought this was weird at first until I told her that the jeans I was wearing that day were those of my departed friend that she gave me and that I had worn them to the reading in honor of my friend. Further into the session while visiting with my father who had passed, Vanessa said "your father wants you to know he likes the new tent".  That weekend we had bought a really nice, expensive new tent.  On that I got goose bumps and teary eyed.  I love going to Vanessa and not just for the messages from beyond, but also for guidance in my life and the life of of my family.  She is wonderful!

Heather G,


Hi Vanessa,

I felt it was time for me to put my testimonial in writing.  

I met Vanessa approximately four years ago when a mutual friend recommended I see her after exhausting other health care options for chronic back pain and carpal tunnel.  After many years of medication, physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture, I found little relief and was at my wits end.

Vanessa's healing session helped me cope with chronic pain.  She also helped me the the painful recovery period after my surgeries.  The healing sessions were incredible.  The warmth and love that comes through her healing hands is amazing.  I felt a calming and uplifting sensation that has stayed with me for a long time after the session had ended.  These sessions have also allowed me to grow spiritually, helping me to become centered, calm and at peace...

I have since attended Messages From Above seminars.  They gave me connections with loved ones.  These validations and the ones received during a private session have helped me to cope with many difficulties in my life.  Vanessa is truly gifted.  She brings hope, love and healing to everyone who is willing to ask.

I thank my angels who brought us together and Vanessa for all her help, support and love.

Thank you,

Kathy A., Deland, FL

Having energy work from Vanessa Squeglia is an incredible experience.  The sensations I felt wre varied and different throughout, feelings of pressure, feelings of release and deep relaxation.  At one point, I felt hands on my lower right leg and opened my eyes to see that Vanessa wasn't there, she was behind me.  But within seconds, she moved to the exact spot where I had felt the warmth of loving hands.  I hadn't said a word to Vanessa.  But it became apparent that there were angels in the room.  Vanessa at one point took my hand and directed me to feel the angel next to her.  It felt like a breeze that didn't move.  It was beautiful.  The entire experience left me feeling peaceful, centered, loved and relaxed.

This gifted woman has worked on me previously for a deep sadness that had crept into my life at one time and had been underlying everything no matter how happy I seemed to be.  In one healing session, it was gone and has not been back since.  Its just not there anymore.   She is truly amazing.


Bay Island Records


I just wanted to thank you for your Reading for me on Friday night, I was the only man there.

​You gave me alot to think about. When my wife passed I didn't say all I wanted to and wish I had one more day.Going on with out her is so hard but you made it a little better,

So thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You're absolutely amazing! I feel so uplifted, thankful and at peace with all who have left our world. You have done wonders for me, and I will be recommending you highly to my friends and family. May God bless you.

Jessica,  W Haven, CT

Words cannot begin to express the gratitude in my heart for the incredible gift you've given me, with the connections you made for me.

What wonderful work you do!


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