Heartfelt Messages
Connections From Your Loved Ones In Heaven 

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VIRTUAL Testimonials:

First and foremost, thank you for inviting me to participate in your pilot for Virtual Messages. This was an awesome experience with the 10 participants, and it allowed each person to get a message from their loved ones. The readings were crisp and concise and felt like you were here in person.

Jim B.     Beacon Falls, CT


Thank you for including me in the virtual session pilot. I felt very connected during Saturday's session. I felt it was warm and personal.  The virtual meeting works well.   Robin K, CT



Virtually enjoy an intimate group of up to ten people.  Everyone receives connections from their loved ones in Heaven.  What a wonderful way to have connections and be with people you know without driving anywhere.  This is a great gift idea too!  It is fun and supportive to hear everyone's connections.   They are approximately 2 1/2 hours.  I begin with a brief introduction, followed with a brief Q & A.  Everyone will be read.

Reasons to host a VIRTUAL From My Home to YoursTM

  • Cost is less than an in-person, in home group

  • No need to go crazy cleaning your entire house for guests

  • No need to purchase food and beverages to entertain

  • Unpredictable weather is never a problem

  • Possible to earn rewards on your credit card

  • As a special thank you from me, you will receive a signed copy of my book, Heaven's Guide To The Other Side.  

VIRTUAL  From My Home To Yours             $550  


    Starts at    $700

To schedule a Virtual or IN-HOME group, please call 203-783-1811 or click here

For larger events such as dinner shows, fundraisers and theater events featuring Heartfelt Messages TM, please call

203-783-1811 or 203-488-7277 or click here