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Energy Balancing
All ages are welcome

Reiki Treatment
Energy Balancing 
Currently virtual appointments only are available.
Stay tuned in for in person availability.  

These sessions are great for relaxation, balancing the chakras and provide a sense of overall well-being.  Virtual and in-person are equally effective.

60 min    $ 125

More on energy balancing:

I am certified in Yuen Energetics, am a Reiki Master/Teacher and am gifted with "THE" Healing Energy.  I also work with my healing team of angels to facilitate balance in your energy system.   With over twenty four years of experience, I integrate all of these methods to bring the best balance possible to you.   

Since we are beings with circuits of energy that flow through and around our bodies, energy balancing works to achieve a better flow of that energy.  Almost anything can disrupt the flow of that energy such as stress, fear, unhappy experiences, illness and even surgeries.  That can all create a block in the flow of your energy.  When blocks occur,  dis-ease and sickness can be a result.   My job is to unblock those energy blockages so you will feel better. 

Studies have shown that having energy balancing (work) before and after surgeries helps speed the healing process.  

How to prepare for your appointment:

Virtual:   Find a quiet place where you won't be disturbed.   Wear comfy clothes, sit or lie down and be relaxed.  Have water handy.

In Person: Come comfortably dressed as you will lie down, fully dressed on a massage table.  There is no body manipulation.  You can meditate, sleep or stay awake.  You may feel heat, coolness, tingling or relaxation.  I may incorporate essential oils if there are no allergies.  An intake form is requested to fill out for this appointment type.


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