Reiki Certifications:  Level I, II & III Master/Teacher




If you are interested in learning an energy healing technique and want to help others and yourself and even animals, you may want to consider getting attuned to Reiki.  Reiki is a practice also known as "laying on of hands".  


There are three levels of attunements.  You must complete Level I, then Level II before going onto Level III Master/Teacher.


If you already have Reiki Attunements from someone other than me, and would like to move to your next level, I just need to see your Attunement Level Certificate. 

Materials are provided for each level, but please bring paper to take additional notes and something to write with. 

Reiki Level I includes:

  •   An abundance of course materials in a binder  

  •   Attunement

  •   Relaxing meditation

  • ​  Level I Certificate 

  •   Group practice


$ 150.00

In Reiki Level II you will receive:

  •   Level II course materials 

  •   Attunement 

  •   Relaxing meditation

  • ​  Reiki Level II Certificate

  •   Group practice


$ 250.00

Reiki Level III  Master/Teacher includes:

  • Level III course materials

  • Attunements 

  • Relaxing meditation

  • Reiki Level III Master/Teacher Attunement Certificate

  • Group practice


$ 350.00