Spiritual Healings - Energy Balancing

Energy Balancing in-person is currently available only in North Haven, CT on Tuesdays

I am certified in Yuen Energetics, Angel Therapy,, am a Reiki Master/Teacher and am gifted with "THE" Healing Energy.   I work with my healing team of Angels to facilitate balance in and around your body.  

We are beings with circuits of energy that flow through and around our bodies. There are normal patterns of energy, and when those patterns are disrupted by experiencing such things as fear, stress, and negative experiences, physical illness, or surgeries, those energy flows are blocked.    


What happens when they are blocked?  We experience dis-ease and sickness. I use energy techniques to unblock those energy barriers and release the energy that creates the imbalances which helps to restore the correct energy flow and balance. 


Energy balancing may be helpful for menstrual cramps, constipation, sinuses, allergies, insomnia, fatigue, cancer, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, auto-immune disorders, allergies, asthma, environmental sensitivities, PMS, menopause, psoriasis, digestive disorders and more. This is also wonderful for stress reduction.


These sessions are fabulous for relaxation and feeling an overall sense of well-being. Studies have shown that people who receive energy work before and after surgeries have a faster recovery time. 


All ages are welcome!


Energy Balancing  Appointment  


(1 hour)

$ 125.00


More Information on Spiritual Healing/Energy Balancing


Spiritual healing is recognized by many sacred texts, including the New Testament and scriptures and is a tenet of ancient and modern religions.   A spiritual healer possesses a gift for passing healing energy from spiritual forces to recipients.  This energy may help to bring about relief, cure and the healing of physical and non-physical conditions. 
What to expect from my energy balancing (healing) sessions:

Come comfortably dressed.  You will lie down, dressed on a massage table for about an hour or so.  You may sleep, doze or stay awake.  There is no manipulation of the body.  The session is similar to “laying of the hands”.  You may feel various sensations including: heat, coolness, tingling, other hands on you (these are the teams of Angels working with us during your session), or you may just feel relaxed.  Aromatherapy may also be incorporated into the session.  

My goal is to balance the energy fields in and around your body.  You may feel energized or even sleepy after a session.  I always recommend you honor your body after our session by eating well, drinking plenty of water and just being still if you feel the need.