Foot Detox

What is the Aqua Foot Detox Spa and how does it work?

This is a simple and painless way for folks to detox their body from stored up toxins. It cleans out every system in your body.  Toxins are pulled out through the feet chakras.  


Your feet will be in a basin of water for about 30 minutes. You will also have a Far Infrafred Belt around your waist that is wonderful for back pain and added relaxation.  As you soak your feet in the water, the color of the water changes with the corresponding system that is being detoxed from your body. For example, the water may turn red with white foam on the top of the water. That would indicate the blood or circulatory system is being detoxed as well as the lymph system.

I do this myself and notice my energy levels increase and feel overall better.  

You can come by yourself or with another person.  It can accomodate two people at once. 

$ 55.00 one person

$ 75.00 two people