I have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions I receive.  If you have any others, please call me at 203-783-1811.



Does Vanessa believe in GOD?

Yes.  I say prayer silently before your reading or energy balancing session.  And I say a closing prayer outloud after every reading.  

Does Vanessa use cards?


Do I need to bring pictures or items for her to hold?

No, just bring yourself!  Be as relaxed as you can.  If you want to bring items with you for your own security, you can.  But I don't need to hold or see anything you bring.

My religion is against such things, but I am interested in connecting with people in Heaven.  Should I still come?

That is entirely up to you.  I suggest you stay in your own comfort zone.  I can only say from my own perspective, that since I've been able to do this as many others do that this is GOD given.  I am here to help if you need me.

Can I share a one hour reading with a friend?

No.  The reason being is that the time can't be evenly divided.  Especially with a medium reading because one of the families may monopolize the entire time.  I have tried this and it doesn't always work effectively.  

Why does Vanessa need to secure an appointment with a credit card?

Because this is how I earn my living.  Given the times we live in right now, if I don't secure an appointment people sometimes don't keep their appointment.  This is my "job".   If you are having an in-person reading, you are welcome to pay by cash, check or whichever credit card you want to use the day of your appointment.  Just bring the credit card so I can swipe it.  

I don't use credit cards, how can I set up an appointment?

Please call me at 203-783-1811.  You won't be able to use the online scheduler.  

You can mail a money order or check which should be received a week before your scheduled appointment.  

Does Vanessa accept tips?

Yes, if you feel inclined to do so.  I am always grateful to those who appreciate my help.  

Is my appointment confidential?

Yes.  I don't discuss anything that transpires in your reading with anyone.  If you have family members or friends coming to see me, nothing is discussed about your reading. However, you can share whatever you wish with people you know if you want to.  

Why does Vanessa read for ages over 18 only?

I only read for people over 18 years old because I feel that is appropriate.   Even though you may feel your child is mature, I don't feel comfortable with reading for people under 18 years old.