Angelic Assistance 



            Yes, it's true!


Imagine a way to connect with your very own teams of Angels in writing!  I will teach you how to do that with this class. 

The first part of the class will teach you about the different types of Angels that are around us and how they can help us.  


After a short Angelic Tea break, I will teach you how to connect with your angels in writing. Receive your guardian angel's name and learn to receive guidance on anything going on in your life.  Its a very empowering class and will help strengthen your own intuition.

For in person classes, please bring paper and something to write with. 

Online classes will be available soon!

Duration : 4 1/2 Hours

​Date: to be announced

Reservations are needed






$ 75.00

Did you know that each of us has guardian Angels as well as teams of Angels?